Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well life has been a little crazy the past few months. We are moving to Texas and Darin left in March and I am still here with the kids 'till they get out of school. So me and the kids have had lots of fun and we stay busy so we don't miss Darin so much. We bought our first house in TX. It is so nice and I can't wait to move. I will miss my family and friends alot and we will see how I do in TX. Trevor is liking school more and more every day so it is getting easier to do homework. Kylie still loves going and doing homework. It will be nice when she is in school all day. I will be able to get things done and not have to break up my day to go get her. Natalie and Daysie have lots of fun! We like to go to the store to pass time. I have started babysitting and it is hard work. I am not used to it, but it keeps Natalie entertained. Daysie is getting so big! She is almost 7 months and she is rolling all around and sits up by herself. She is going to be crawling soon. I think out of all of my kids, she is the happiest. She loves to laugh and it is so cute. Kylie does good with her. She even changes the diapers for me :) Trevor loves her also.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polar Express

On November 20, we went to the polar express with my mom, grandma, and Julie. It was so much fun! We all had matching pj's that my mom made for us and we looked so cute...well the kids looked so cute. We took the longest way home I think, because some how we ended up in San Bernadino, CA. But we still had a good trip back.

Trevor is so funny. The other week he was in my room and he got the phone so I picked it up downstairs to see who he was calling. The lady said this is Saturn of West Sahara and I told her sorry and for Trevor to hang up the phone. He was in Darins' closet and got the number off of one of his shirts and was wanting to talk to him. He likes to talk on the phone so if you get a call just tell him HI. Some of you might have got them already. Also, last week he got a blank DVD and wrote the name of a game he want to play on it and then put it in the Wii, but of course that did not work. So then he wrote it on another DVD and tried it but it still did not work I told him it is not that easy, but I wish it was. He is just too funny for me.

We had a good quiet Thanksgiving at my moms house. It was just Justin, Fiola and us. We had a good time. Toots and Mckae showed up later and we visited with them. On Friday, Mom and I got up early and went to Walmart. It was packed and we only got a few things. Then later that day, I went shopping with my friend for 7.5 hrs. We had fun and I almost got all the Christmas shopping done. Darin likes to order everything online, but I like the stores. We got our tree up and decorated it and the kids had fun helping.

The credit union Darin works for just got acquired by a new company, so we might be moving to Plano, TX. I will be very sad to leave all of our families. But it will be nice if we do go, because then we might be able to see Brian and Afton and the kids once in a while. And hopefully Sean's family will be going also, so we might have a friend when we move there. That will be nice.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween/ Blessing

We had a good weekend. The kids went to the trunk or treat on Friday. They looked so cute! Trevor was Fire Mario, Kylie, Natalie, and Daysie were 50's girls and they wore poodle skirts. My mom made them and she also made me one so I wore it to the trunk or treat and everybody thought it was so cute. Then Halloween night, we went up to Warm Springs and swam. The kids had fun swimming. Darin and I did not get in I still have 2 weeks before i can soak in water. :( and Darin was not feeling well. We had a good time as always. Then Sunday was a special day for Daysie because we blessed her. She looked so beautiful. My mom made her dress and a blanket. Then we had a nice luncheon at my sisters house and the food was good. I made my favorite: cheese potatoes, ham, rolls, and lots of desserts. We almost had all the family there, but we missed those that were not there. On Friday night before the Trunk or Treat, we went and visited with Chris and Patty. Trevor and Dallin were in the front playing and the neighbor came home with their dog and it jumped up on Trevor and knocked his front tooth out. So now he is missing his front tooth and he looks so funny with it gone. It is a good deal we have dentist in the family. Trevor's granddad said it looks good and it will grow in good.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pictures of kids

Daysie Davis

So I am a little slow on posting about Daysie so here are some pictures. For those of you who don't know, she was born on September 28 @ 8:03 am and she weighed 7.9 and was 19 in. She is a good little baby and she is getting so big. The kids just love her and especially Trevor. He did not want another sister, but he loves her and he wants to hold her all the time. She is going to be sharing a room with Trevor, but she has been sleeping in our room for now. Trevor keeps asking when she is going to sleep in her bed. Today was the first Sunday and she looked so pretty. A few people were surprised we were at church so soon.

We signed Kylie up for a cheer leading fundraiser and she had fun going to it. They got to perform at Centennial's football game. She looked so cute standing out there. She still loves going to school! The other day, there was no school and she came in and asked if she could go. I told her nobody was there and she said my teacher is, so can I go? I think she gets that from the Davis side cause I know it's not from me.

Here are some pictures from my family reunion back in July. My mom made the kids these cute outfits for the Rodeo.

Trevor is doing good in school. He would rather stay home and play games, but he likes going to visit with his friend.

Natalie loves being the only one home with me and Daysie. Natalie is a lot of fun and a big help to me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kylie Birthday

Today was Kylie's 5th birthday. She had a good day. We had a party and she got a lot of cool things from her Aunt's and Uncle's. Darin made her an awesome cake! It was a rainbow cake so it had 6 layers to it. It was really good. She is loving school still and it is easy to get her to do her homework. As soon as she comes home, she wants to do it. It is nice that I don't have to bug her about it. I know she is not my girl. She is 100% Davis.

Trevor learned to ride his bike the other day without training wheels. He does awesome! In one day he could do it all by himself and he was so happy. Kylie is also learning how to, but it is hard for me to help her right now. So after the baby and the weather cools down some, I can help her more.

Natalie loves being the only one home in the mornings. We have fun and we go window shopping alot for now. She is still climbing everything, even if she shouldn't, be she does. I just keep hoping for no big injuries.

We got the crib up and almost ready, but we just need our mattress. She is sharing a room with Trevor, so he is not to happy about that because he wanted a brother. So I decided to do the theme for their room in Toy Story. I know it's not much of a girl theme, but I thought Trevor would be happier if it was something he liked. He has been wanting a Toy Story room for the past 4 years and he finally got it.

We had our ward campout this last weekend and Darin kept the kids and I found a ride home. It was nice to go up to the cooler weather for a while. Trevor was funny. After dinner he was complaining about his stomach and so I was going to bring him home with me. But he want some marshmallows and I told him, "No" because his stomach was hurting. So this guy gave him a graham cracker and told him it would make it feel better. After two bites, he said his stomach didn't hurt anymore, so he stayed the night and got some marshmallows. Right after we got there, Kylie wanted to go to bed. She is so funny because she thinks the best part about camping is getting her pj's on. We made her stay up for a little while and she had fun. Natalie got to sleep in the hammock with Darin and the other 2 slept in his little tent. They had a great time! I spent the night at my mom and dad's so I could get some stuff done down there.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First week of School

Well summer is over and I have to get up early again which is not my most favorite thing. The first week of school went good. Kylie loves her teacher and loves going to school. On the 2nd day of school she woke up at 6:30 saying she was ready to go to school. I told her to go back to bed and that it was too early for school. I signed Kylie up for the afternoon class but then I found out they don't do the bus for afternoon kindergartner's, so I switched her to the morning. I am so glad I did or I would have to hear all morning long "when am I going!" Trevor likes his teacher, but he doesn't know anybody in his class yet. He likes taking his lunch in his Buzz lunch box we bought for him. Natalie likes being the only kid home and her and I have a lot of fun. For the next few weeks I should say, 'cause then Daysie will be here and I don't know how Natalie will handle it.

My sister moved and she is in our Ward and the kids and I love it, because their new house has a pool. Everyday after school they think we need to go swimming. We have been quite abit but I guess we better before I have the baby and the weather gets too cold and we can't. It is also nice to have someone to talk to at church. The first week they were there, we sat next to each other and were talking after church. Our Relief Society counselor was talking to someone in the ward and said they had never seen me talk so much.

I guess I truly do have a monkey on my hands. I call Natalie monkey all the time. One Sunday before Church she shows me how she can climb the wall. It is very impressive she can, because she is so little. She is 3 and weighs about 24 lbs. I think we need to put her in gymnastics.